Welcome to waynecochran.net!

Greetings and salutations from waynecochran.net!

Waynecochran.net is what I consider to be my personal experiment in web publishing. Although my site has taken many forms over the years, I hope that this iteration can maintain relevance over time with an audience that is interested in everything that I have to share.

I started off this latest version of waynecochran.net as a sort of daily blog for myself. One man publishing articles for one of seven different columns on a daily basis while maintaining quality on all of the material that I published turned out to be next to impossible without devoting at least as much time to it as I do to my day job. I have a new found respect for anyone that writes high quality content consistently, especially if they have another job that puts dinner on the table.

Although I will not be posting here everyday, I will be checking in at least two to three times a week with the goal of having better content that my readers will find useful. Without further ado, here are a list of the various columns on waynecochran.net.


  • Personal Devotion – My Bible devotional, where I will share a few verses and expound on what they mean to me.
  • Crawling the Web – Reviewing interesting and useful websites, where some may be for entertainment, while some may be useful for things such as web development and social networking.
  • Tune In the Tunes – Reviewing albums from my personal collection, my take on various albums on a track by track basis along with links to purchase them online.
  • Culinary Corner – My recipes and reviews of kitchen tools, you can see what a finished recipe should look like and some gadgets used to make some of them.
  • Random Thoughts – Whatever happens to cross my mind, this is the place where anything goes and will often be one of my more personal columns.
  • Get Local – Reviewing local establishments and events, basically a series of man about town articles.
  • Movie Nite – Reviewing movies from my personal collection, avoiding too many spoilers while giving a brief synopsis and my own personal thoughts about the movie as well as providing links to purchase the it online.
  • Gamer’s Haven – Reviewing various games, whether they are video games, board games, or card games.

If you are new to waynecochran.net, you can check out my blog archives for these categories, as well as several others to read any of my old posts.

If you want to contact me, just click here to go to my contact form. I can also be found Facebook or Twitter.

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