Validation Arrows: Pointed in the Right Direction

Whenever you start to question yourself, it often helps to seek a validation arrow: a message that confirms you are moving in the right direction. Without validation arrows, we may feel lost or unsure when we are already heading in the right direction, or we could end up moving forward in the wrong direction if we do not realize that we need to turn around. Continue reading

Why Wine Sales In Grocery Stores Are A Good Thing

Tennessee should allow wine sales in grocery stores, as the benefits of doing so would far outweigh the costs when looking at the big picture. Tennessee loses revenue every day due to Tennesseans crossing state lines to make wine purchases, and Tennesseans are greatly inconvenienced by the archaic state laws that govern alcohol sales. Continue reading

Reason for Christmas: Why Is Christmas Important?

There are several important reasons for celebrating at Christmastime. We should spend quality time with family and friends at Christmas. We also should help those that are less fortunate than ourselves. The most important reason for Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Christ. If not for Christ, we would have no reason for Christmas at all. Continue reading