Passion Followers: Living A Fulfilled Life

Throughout all of our lives, we all have dreams of what our lives could be. There are those people who live their day-to-day lives who leave their dreams in the dream world. But there are others in the world that chase after those dreams to make them come true. Those passion followers work to make their visions into reality. That new reality can sometimes create a huge impact on the whole world.

Dreamers of Dreams

Most people are familiar with the first two lines of Ode by Arthur O’Shaughnessy thanks to Gene Wilder’s turn as Willy Wonka.

We are the music makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams,
Wandering by lone sea-breakers,
And sitting by desolate streams;—
World-losers and world-forsakers,
On whom the pale moon gleams:
Yet we are the movers and shakers
Of the world for ever, it seems.
— Arthur O’Shaughnessy, Ode

I want to focus on the last two lines. The music makers and dreamers are also the movers and shakers. It isn’t enough to just dream the dream, but being the music maker, to get out there and make that tune in your head into something real. The real movers and shakers in this world have always been people with dreams. People like Alexander Graham Bell, Nikola Tesla, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, and many more like them are responsible for our modern world. Without dreamers like them, we wouldn’t have telephone, radio, electricity, or many of the other modern conveniences that we take for granted.

Beyond Dreamers

Men who had a vision for their country.

Living a life of passion is about more than making dreams into reality. It is about pushing ourselves beyond our dreams. Living passionately is about using all of your energy to turn your vision into reality.

When most people think of passion, they think of it in the romantic sense. But passion is more than just romance. It is about following anything with your whole heart. Passion is a sign of yearning for something beyond yourself. Seeking to make your heart’s desire into a reality is passion.

Our passions take many forms. Some people are passionate about improving the condition of mankind like the great scientists and inventors that I mentioned earlier. The passions of some people lead them in very creative directions. A passion for art is just as important as a passion for science. All passion is equally important. It should be a driving force for all of us. Yet, most of us are not true passion followers, and most people who don’t follow their passions end up resentful or envious of people who do.

How Can I Be a Passion Follower?

To be truly fulfilled in life, you have to follow your passion. You may wonder, “How do I even get started?”

What Are You Passionate About?

You must first find where your passion lies. Where do your dreams lead you? What are the greatest desires of your heart? What do you do that makes you more than happy, that gives you true joy? If you don’t find what you are passionate about, you could find yourself forever chasing the passions of other people.

Act On Your Passion

Follow your passion to fulfill your dreams

Once you find your passion, how do you act on it? If your passion is a creative pursuit or something that requires a certain talent, then it is best to practice and grow in those talents. A vision of helping mankind through scientific endeavors might require increasing your knowledge. The key is to find the most appropriate way to increase your knowledge and talents.

Surround Yourself With Visionaries

Part of the personal growth of following your passion should also be surrounding yourself with people with a similar vision. The envy of people who are not following their passions can bring negativity about your dreams into your life. Surrounding yourself with people with a similar vision will help all of you keep your eyes on your vision. Sharing experiences with each other will help you grow. It may not always be possible to physically surround yourself with people with a similar vision. Thanks to social media, it is easier than ever to connect with others that share your vision.

Passion Is Hard Work

Once you’ve identified your passion, start growing in knowledge and skill, and surround yourself with others with similar visions, you will be well on your way to making your dreams into a reality. It won’t be easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is. But with perseverance, hard work, and determination, you will see a positive change in the world around you. And you will see others whose lives are touched by your passion, and your heart will leap with joy from seeing your passion grow.

I want to leave you with a video that I hope inspires you to follow your passion as much as it has inspired me.

Teaser: Next time we’ll talk about who is to blame.

Wayne Cochran

Database Administrator, writer, social media evangelist, and occasional traveler, Wayne writes whatever comes into his head or touches his heart. His interests vary from IT to matters of the heart to the dream of a future beach life.

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