Uplifting Words: The Constructive Power of Words

Previously, I talked about the power that words have to tear us down. But, as much as words can tear us down, they can also build us up. Uplifting words have the power to change lives for the better in unimaginable ways.

Positive Verbal Impact

Encouraging words can come from anyone. Growing up, we typically expect to be encouraged by our parents and grandparents. As we grow into more adult relationships, we all hope to find a romantic partner that will be encouraging to us. Encouragement can even come from unlikely sources, especially for those of us that share our creative visions with the world.

Parental Guidance

A father’s encouraging words can help build his son from a boy into a man.

For most of us, the first source of uplifting words for us is from our parents. They want the best for us and for us to grow up happy. They want to watch us make our dreams come true. And just as we carry any negative words from our parents, we also carry their words of hope, comfort, and encouragement in our hearts, even long after they are gone.

Building Blocks of Romance

Uplifting words are often the start of a romantic relationship. Someone expressing the attractiveness of another person. Expressing admiration of someone else’s intellect or determination. Even just simple words of comfort can be the start of a romantic relationship.

We can’t stop giving our significant other words of encouragement just because the honeymoon is over. Even in the hard times, especially in the hard times, we need to keep encouraging our partners to show them that we support them.

Positive Affirmations

The source doesn’t matter, as long as we all have some positivity in our lives.

Sometimes, there are times in our lives when we find ourselves short on affirming relationships. In those dark times, any source of positive affirmations can help you survive. Even though it might feel silly, sometimes finding a source of affirmations like self-help, role play, or positive affirmation audio recordings can help you get through those times in your life when you feel a lack of supportive relationships.

Encourage Others

One thing about the words we speak, whether good or ill, they always multiply and return to us in like fashion. As much as we enjoy to feel encouraged and uplifted, it is important that we share that with others. Acts of kindness and love never diminish our caring, love, and compassion, they only cause it to multiply and spread.

Keeping Yourself Uplifted

No matter the source of encouragement, keeping those uplifting words pouring into your life will help raise your spirits and your overall well-being. Whether it is from your significant other, a parent, your boss, a friend, or even the voice of a stranger, uplifting words help us feel mentally and emotionally capable of overcoming any challenge.

So remember, in all that you do and say, it all has a way of impacting someone. Be mindful of these things, and always do your best to help, or at the very least not hurt, those around you with your words.

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Wayne Cochran

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