Best Friends: Defining Our Strongest Relationships

I’ve had several people that I have considered my best friends at different times in my life. A lot of things can happen that cause changes in these relationships, and we should cherish our friendships for what they bring into our lives.

Early Childhood Best Friends

Often, some of our earliest friends in our lives are relatives. My first best friend was one of my mom’s cousins. I was an only child and only grandchild until I was 9 years old, and he was only 5 years older than me. He lived near my grandparents who kept me when I was out of school while mom was at work. Growing up, he was the closest thing that I had to a big brother. As a kid, I looked up to him and always wanted to hang out with my cousin.

As I got a little older and started school, I wasn’t around my cousin as much and found myself in a whole new circle of peers.

First School Friends

Best buddies, showing off their favorite superhero threads.

There really wasn’t anyone that I considered as a best friend in kindergarten. I did have a best friend in first grade, but going through each school year, the people around me constantly changed. I kept the same best friend from second grade until fifth grade. We got along great, even though we never really did anything outside of school. I have previously mentioned how that friendship ended in fifth grade. From that time onward, it took me a long time to let anyone that close to me again.

Transitioning From Childhood

Throughout middle and high school, I didn’t have anyone that I really considered my best friend. I had a group of friends that I kept through that whole time, but there was never anyone that I considered a best friend.

In my last two years of high school, there were two people that came into my life that both had a huge impact on who I would become as an adult. One was this really annoying guy that sat behind me in math class our last two years of school who would become like a brother to me by the time I started college. Though communication between us would wax and wane over the years, that friendship would go on for years.

The other was my first girlfriend who I met at the beginning of senior year of high school. There would be a lot of great times in that relationship, as well as some utterly heartbreaking ones.

Looking back, it is almost as if these two relationships, even though very separate from each other for the most part, were simultaneously intertwined for a large part of my late teens and early twenties. In their own ways, each would have a huge role in forming who I am today.

Adulthood Best Friend

Best friends, committed to sharing the rest of their lives together.

Reaching adulthood, it was important that I marry someone that could be my best friend. I consider myself fortunate and blessed that my I made a new best friend when I was twenty-four that I ended up marrying five years later. Every day with her is a new adventure.

Changing Friendships Over Time

Over time, the bonds of our strongest friendships can wax and wane. We may lose touch with some, we may have complete fall outs with others, and some we will carry with us for our entire lives. Regardless of the changes in our friendships, we should cherish every moment of them.

Teaser: Next time, we’ll discuss dealing with losses during the holidays.

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