Non-Verbal Triggers: What Makes You Tingle? Part 1

There are many different types of ASMR triggers. In this post, we will discuss non-verbal triggers. This includes examples of various types of non-verbal triggers such as brushing, scratching, tapping, chewing, and hand movements. I’ll tackle the topic of verbal triggers in a future post. If you have no idea what ASMR is, please be sure to check out my first post on ASMR.

Just Relax

Many people find non-verbal ASMR triggers relaxing. Not all ASMR triggers are relaxing for everyone, so I’ll be sharing some videos for each trigger. Please explore these ASMRtists other videos, as well as similar videos by others to find triggers that are relaxing for you.


Brushing triggers can include any type of brushing, whether it is hair brushing, teeth brushing, or even just running a soft bristled brush over the skin or a hard surface.

Intensely Relaxing Hair Brushing | Mic ON the Brush ASMR Experiment by WhispersRed ASMR.


Scratching triggers typically include sounds generated by scratching an object, like fingernails, across a surface. This can include any type of surface, from a tabletop, papers, skin, hair, or any other surface that you could imagine running your fingernails, a pencil, or any type of pointed object over.

ASMR Strong Scratching Sounds – No Talking by MassageASMR.


Tapping triggers can include but are not limited to the use of the fingernails tapping on various objects. Virtually any pair of objects can be used to generate tapping triggers, such as fingernails on an aluminum can or ice in a drinking glass.

ASMR LEGENDARY TAPPING | 1,5 hour no talking compilation by asmr zeitgeist.


Chewing triggers involve the sounds generated from chewing. It could be from chewy crunchy foods or something like chewing gum.

ASMR Gum Chewing | Some Breathing | No Talking After Intro by softlygaloshes.

Hand Movements

Hand movement triggers are unique in that they may not be entirely audible. Though they may involve the sounds generated through hand movements, they also often include the visuals of the hand movement.

[ASMR] Face Touching & Hand Movements for Sleep by Gibi ASMR.

Results May Vary

Each individual may experience different sensations from various triggers. Triggers that may be pleasant to one person may be very unpleasant to another. And this is far from a comprehensive listing of non-verbal triggers. ASMRtists constantly find new and unique triggers. So I hope that this is just a jumping off point as you explore triggers that are relaxing to you.

Teaser: Next time, well take a look at verbal ASMR triggers, as well as some videos that combine verbal and non-verbal triggers.

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