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Brand Building: Picking the Right Domain Name

I’ve seen a lot of discussion about picking the right domain name for your blog. Should you choose to use your business name or use your own name? Maybe you should use something catchy that people will remember. Brand building is the most important thing to consider when choosing your domain name.


Starting a Website: Creating Content

The fourth part in my series on starting a WordPress site covers creating content. I will be discussing the different types of content that you can create, the differences between pages and posts, and how to use the media library.


Starting a Website: WordPress Site Design

The third part in my series on starting a WordPress site covers WordPress Site Design. This topic includes tips that will be beneficial for site builders that are using either free WordPress or a self-hosted WordPress installation.

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Reboot the Blog: The Raven’s Return Flight

Sometimes the best place to restart a project is to wipe the slate clean and hit the reset button. When you reboot a project, it can feel like you have wasted all of the time that you have already invested in it. A fresh start can sometimes be the best way to jump start a project that has stalled out.