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Blogger Recognition Award 4

Blogger Recognition Award Nomination

If you’ve been reading the comments on my blog recently, you may have noticed that Disoriented Mom nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award. So, to help spread the love, I decided to accept the honor. I think this is a great way to show appreciation for other bloggers.


Validation Arrows: Pointing Toward Our Path in Life

Many times in my life, I have found that certain events seem to have overlapping purpose. Sometimes it is from something I have read recently or from conversations with others. These ideas mirror things that I have said, written, or that I am currently thinking. These signs, these validation arrows, are meant to reaffirm our thoughts, feelings, and decisions.

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Finding My Voice: Encouraging Audience Engagement

I’ve done a lot of writing over the years. As I look back at the current content of my blog, I realize that my tone has been pretty formal and impersonal. And I realize that this writing style doesn’t do a lot to foster audience engagement. As I think about this, I also am left thinking about this question: Why do I write?