Category: Random Thoughts

These blog posts are mostly just random thoughts, ideas, and topics that cross my mind that I feel like sharing.


Blame Game: Pointing Fingers

Whenever plans fall apart, the first thing a lot of us do is try to find someone to blame. Though playing the blame game is a natural response, it is the least healthy response. It can foster trust issues and shows a lack of responsibility.


Expressive Writing: The Reasons That I Blog

As a follower of my blog, you’ve probably noticed that there is a wide variety of topics that I write about. Some topics are just ideas that have come into my mind that I want to share, while others are very deeply personal to me. To me, blogging is expressive writing, so I want to share why I have chosen to express my thoughts and feelings here.


Legacy Building: How Will You Be Remembered?

As I heard about yet another celebrity death this past week, I started thinking about how different people have different views of other peoples’ legacies. While some people only remember the bad things someone did, other people only see the good. We all should have a mind toward legacy building. Our legacies are the only things left behind of ourselves after we are gone.


Relationship’s Purpose: Reason, Season, or Lifetime

Throughout our lives, we will have many different relationships. Some of these are only for a short time, while others can last a lifetime. Sometimes, we may need to consider a relationship’s purpose. Was it part of our lives for a reason, for a season, or for a lifetime? Having had three serious romantic relationships as a young adult, I feel that each of them fell into one of these purposes.