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Songs That Make Me Cry – Top Ten

Sometimes you just need to let go of bottled up emotions. This top ten list is full of songs that help me get all of those emotions out. These are the top ten songs that make me cry. This is a very personal list for me. As such, there’s not any real outside influence for any of these choices. They are all songs that touch me personally in one way or another. Sometimes it is because of the stories behind the songs. Most of the time, it is just in how the lyrics, the melody, and the emotion in the performance get me in the feels.


Jimmy Buffett Studio Albums – Top Ten

Today, I am starting my top ten blog with a top ten list of my favorite singer/songwriter, Jimmy Buffett. This top ten list will mostly reflect my own preferences, but I will also take into account the commercial success of each album. This list is also limited to just studio albums, so no live or compilation albums are listed here.