About Me: A Profile on Wayne Cochran

About Wayne Cochran

Wayne in Hawaii

Wayne on vacation

I am Wayne Cochran, an IT professional who enjoys travel, food, and just generally enjoying life. I’ve created this site to share my thoughts, feelings, ideas, and experiences. As I grow this site, I hope that it becomes a community where ideas and experiences can be freely shared.

My Career

I’ve always had an interest in information technology. I started my first website when I was in high school. After graduating from Dalton State College with a BS in Management Information Systems, my first IT position was in IT asset management. Subsequently, I moved on to system administrator and software engineer positions. Currently, I am the database administrator at Lee University.

My Personal Life

I started dating my wife, Amanda, in 2005, and we have been happily married since 2010. There is no way that I would be where I am today if not for her. We do not have any children, but we do have a fur baby, our beagle Bailey.

My Beliefs

I’m a Christian, currently attending Rock Bridge Community Church. I believe that many belief systems hold part of the truth, though some hold no truth at all. The ultimate truth for me is whether or not Jesus Christ’s sacrifice is at the center of a belief system. We are all human, and all of us have our own failings, and I do my best to live right and do what I can to not judge others.

My Hobbies

I’ve had many hobbies over the years. Even though I’m no longer active in most of them, I still have at least a passing interest in most of them. I’ve enjoyed comic book collecting, video games, and collectible card games.

I’m a fan of Major League Baseball. The Atlanta Braves and Boston Red Sox are my favorite teams. Although not a huge fan, I also follow college football. I don’t really have a favorite football team, although my wife tells me it is The Ohio State Buckeyes.

Also, I enjoy movies, music, and television. My favorite movie genres are sci-fi, action, comedy, and romance. Although cliche, I enjoy most types of music, though my favorites are classic rock, alternative rock, country, and Caribbean. As for television, I typically watch sitcoms and the occasional hour long dramas.

The Wrap Up

Over time, I’ll be exposing in more detail some of these things about myself. This is just an introduction to who I am. As this site grows, more of my thoughts, my feelings, and my ideas will be expressed through my blog.