Reboot the Blog: The Raven’s Return Flight

Reboot: Hitting Ctrl-Alt-Del on the Blog

Sometimes the best place to restart a project is to wipe the slate clean and hit the reset button. When you reboot a project, it can feel like you have wasted all of the time that you have already invested in it. A fresh start can sometimes be the best way to jump start a project that has stalled out.

How I Got Here

I’ve been a webmaster for nearly 20 years now. My website has evolved over time and through several online personas. When I started out, I utilized free hosting services that only offered usage of a subdomain. Eventually, I moved over to a low cost, paid hosting service on my own domain. Over time, tools and technology have changed, but my mission has remained the same.

I’ve rebooted my website a couple of times over the years. Sometimes a change in hosting services prompted a reboot. I’ve also rebooted my website due to new technologies and web development tools that I have discovered.

When I decided to restart blogging, it was a tough decision to scrap all of my previous work. However, I found that a lot of my previous work is out of date. I wrote reviews of businesses whose doors are no longer open, games that had been shuttered, and apps that are no longer supported.

Cleanup Vs. Clean Slate

When weighing the costs of cleanup of the last iteration of my website and doing a full reboot, there were two factors that I considered. I had to consider the content and the technology.

I found that even though half of the content that I had was irrelevant, there was still the portion that will always have relevance. So, I filed all of the relevant posts into the vault. Over time, I plan on revisiting my vaulted posts, rewriting them with the insight that I have gained in the years since they were first written.

Previously, I utilized WordPress for content management. I definitely wanted to stick with this platform. With the scaled down scope of my content, there were a lot of plugins that I no longer needed. I could have uninstalled the unneeded plugins, but I found that it would be easier to maintain a clean slate than to try to track down which plugins that I no longer needed.

Blog Starting…

Hollywood has shown us that reboots can be risky. Audiences have expectations that must be met for a reboot in any media to be successful. The key is keep the spirit of previous iterations to please the existing audience, while still providing fresh material to draw in a new audience.

Since I am author, editor, webmaster, and have a career outside of this site, I plan on publishing once a week. I may have weeks of more output than that, and I may have weeks with no new posts. My main goal is to keep this site active and to grow it into a thriving site.

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