Inner Beauty: Image of the Soul

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Inner Beauty as a Reflection of the Soul

What is inner beauty? I believe that it is the image of the soul itself. I believe that the soul is our spiritual essence. It is the part of us that lives on after this crude matter that is our bodies ceases to function. And I believe that the image of the soul itself reflects the nature of the soul.

Shining Example (From a Very Unlikely Source)

If there is anything that perfectly illustrates how I believe a person’s soul reflects their inner beauty, it is the movie Shallow Hal.

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Yes, THAT Shallow Hal

For those of you that have tried to avoid this movie because of, well, how shallow and superficial the premise seems, there is actually a pretty deep meaning about an inner beauty. Ultimately, the movie is about loving people for their inner beauty, regardless of what their outer appearance is.

All souls have a capacity for love. Love is the only thing that the more we give away, the more we have. I believe our souls reflect the love that we show to others, the light that we shine into the dark places in others souls, and the compassion that we give to others. The more care, love, and compassion that we show to others, the more our soul grows.

I also believe that the love and compassion that we receive from others affects our soul. Whenever someone cares for us, I believe that a part of their soul stays with us, and the more love that we receive, the more that soul affects our lives.

Transcending This Mortal Coil

In the physical world, there is no way to immediately see someone’s inner beauty. It is only through experiencing the love and care of someone else that we can see their inner beauty. There are a lot of different beliefs on what happens to our essences, our spirits, our souls, when our earthly bodies pass away. Some people believe this life is all that there is, and there is nothing beyond this.

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Meditating for inner peace

But for those of us that believe that there is more to our existence than just this life, whether that belief is in heaven, reincarnation, or transcending to another dimension, that life energy has to go somewhere, and it has to take some form. As a Christian, I believe that the souls of all who believe in Christ go to Heaven, and that once we pass on from this earth, we get a new perfected body. My personal belief is that regardless of what happens to our souls when we all die, our new physical body’s appearance reflects our soul. How else would we be able to recognize each other in the afterlife if we have new, perfect bodies?

Looking Inward For Your Reflection

What do you think contributes to someone’s inner beauty? And how do you think this affects you personally in relation to your beliefs concerning the afterlife?

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