Expressive Writing: The Reasons That I Blog

As a follower of my blog, you’ve probably noticed that there is a wide variety of topics that I write about. Some topics are just ideas that have come into my mind that I want to share, while others are very deeply personal to me. To me, blogging is expressive writing, so I want to share why I have chosen to express my thoughts and feelings here.

The Meaning of Life

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Sometimes, I have ideas that I feel provide some great insight into life for me. We all have our different experiences in life, but there are a lot of experiences that we all have in common. I think that if some idea or experience has been helpful in my life, sharing it may help someone else in their path. I believe that we are all here to help each other, and I think this is a way that I can help others. If some idea that I have helps someone else, be it something like emotional debt or compartmentalizing, then I feel that I have done some good in the world.

Cathartic Writing

Quite often, I find myself writing because of something that is heavy on my heart. I am a highly sensitive person. Sometimes, the only way I know to deal with my own feelings is to put them in writing. Putting the feelings that I feel into writing helps me process them. Quite often my feelings are rooted in past experiences that I need to work though. It might be because of events in my childhood that have caused insecurities in my life that I still deal with daily. Sometimes I have to deal with hangups that I have now due to past relationships. Regardless of what I am struggling with, sometimes expressing it through writing helps.

Creative Expression

Pouring emotions into writing.

There are also times where I just need to creatively express myself. Often, I will read, hear, see, or feel something that inspires me. It could be a blog post, a song, a YouTube video, or a wonder of nature. Where a lot of my other writing deals with life issues, these posts may be about anything that I find of interest, such as the value of art or ASMR. This also includes some of my content such as my poetry, as well as some other projects that I am working on that I hope to post in the not too distant future.

Knowledge Sharing

Occasionally, I feel the need to share in my IT knowledge. Most of what I have written in sharing my expertise in my current career field has been focused on WordPress site design. As I expand my areas of expertise, I’ll also expand on the areas in IT that I write about.

Communicating Through Expressive Writing

Expressive writing as a form of idea sharing.

As we grow mentally and emotionally, we all need to find ways of expressing our thoughts and feelings and working through our emotions. Ultimately, that is why I blog; it is how I work through all of the stuff that goes on in my heart and mind.

Housekeeping: Speaking of self-expression, this week I’ve added a new poem, “To Comfort You”, to my poetry page.

Teaser: Next time I’ll be discussing the biggest reason that I blog.

Wayne Cochran

Database Administrator, writer, social media evangelist, and occasional traveler, Wayne writes whatever comes into his head or touches his heart. His interests vary from IT to matters of the heart to the dream of a future beach life.

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